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Leading Seattle Dating Photography Expert States That People Have Just 3 Seconds “To Make A Great Impression”

Jun 21

The Match Artist stated that based on their experience, most people had just 3 seconds to make a great first impression with their online dating profiles. That’s why in Seattle, dating photography is the hottest thing around for older singles.

Seattle, Washington – Seeking professional dating photography, Seattle may come across to many going over the top. In reality, many people who have been able to attract meaningful dates online have found the services of leading dating photographers such as The Match Artist invaluable. The company specializes in online dating photography, particularly for older women who have a significantly harder time attracting men their age. According to the experts, it isn’t about age but significantly highlighting those subtle features that attract men or women.

The majority of men and women on Tinder often never read the profile or bio of a person without first being attracted by the photo. If the photo has potential, they will tap to find out more. Usually, subtle cues signal to a prospect that they should probably find out more about the person in the profile picture.

Dating photography is all about showing people in the right light, if not the best light, that bring out those subtle cues. That’s why online stating photography Seattle is a massive part of building a serious dating profile that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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“A lot goes into building a dating photography profile, which will include research into what people find attractive. It goes without saying that we are all different and are attracted to varying sets of physical and facial attributes. Some people may find a specific facial and physical attribute attractive than others. So attracting the right people is about bringing out that facial and physical characteristic in your profile photo.” Said one of the professionals at The Match Artist.

She added, “Dating photography makes a huge difference, and our long list of clients is proof of it.”

About The Match Artist

The Match Artist is headed by entrepreneur Shane White who, along with leading photographer Nick Friesen, specializes in online dating photography. The Match Artist is considered one of the leading Seattle dating photography companies with dozens of clients from across the state coupled with dozens of 5-star reviews from happy clients.