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The Breezy Personal Vaporizer: Review of the Pen

Aug 5


The Kind Pen is a business that produces the highest-quality personal vapes. The Breezy is their latest product, and it is quickly becoming one of the most well-known vaporizers that are available. We will be reviewing all the features that make Breezy distinct from other vapes. We will also look at how it performed during the testing process.

What Is the Breezy Personal Vaporizer?

The Breezy is personal vaporizer made available by The Kind Pen in 2020. It's a small compact vaporizer specifically designed to be used with concentrates and dry herbs. The Breezy has a ceramic chamber, and it makes use of convection heating to create uniformly heated vapor. It also has the mouthpiece of glass and comes with the case for carrying and a charging cable.

How Does the Breezy Work?

The Breezy will only work only if the material is inside the chamber. After the chamber has been loaded then you can start the device by pressing the button to power five times. To select the temperature you wish to set, you can use the plus and minus buttons. The Breezy will be heated to your desired temperature in 30 seconds. After the device has been heated then you can breathe through the mouthpiece and produce the vapor.

How to Use the Breezy

The Breezy is extremely simple to use. In order to load the chamber you'll have to remove the mouthpiece. Once the mouthpiece has been removed, you can put your materials into the chamber. Be careful not to fill too much the chamber, as this could cause inadequate production of vapor. After the material has been filled, you can replace the mouthpiece using the power button five more times to turn the device on. To choose the temperature you want you can select the plus or the minus buttons. Within 30 seconds after that, the Breezy will heat to the temperature you desire. After the device has been heated, you can inhale from the mouthpiece to produce vapor.

How to get the best Performance From Your Breezy:

For optimal efficiency, it's recommended that you utilize the Breezy with a material that is finely ground. A fine grind will allow an increased surface area of your material to come into contact with the chamber walls which will result in better the production of vapor. It is also essential to avoid overfilling the chamber, as this can lead to poor the production of vapor. If your vapor production isn't sufficient, you may need to adjust your material grind or volume of the material you load into the chamber.


Q What is the Breezy? Breezy be used in conjunction with oils or concentrates?

A Breezy: Breezy can only be used in conjunction with dried herb materials.

Q How do I get rid of the Breezy?

A: You could clean the mouthpiece and chamber using an swab of cotton that was soaked in isopropyl Alcohol. The unit's base is not to be submerged, as this could damage the electronics. The unit's bottom air intake holes must be cleared of any dirt. This can be accomplished with an object like a paperclip.


The Kind Pen Breezy is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a simple vaper that produces high-quality vapor. The Breezy can only be used to vaporize dry herbs. The Breezy is simple to clean and maintain. This makes it an excellent choice for beginners or those who don't want the hassle of cleaning more complicated devices.

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