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All American Wood Works 8pc Color Pigment Set

Nov 14

The All American Wood Works8pc Pigment Set is a fantastic option if you're seeking a new set. You can play around with various colors when you purchase this set which includes two colors in clear epoxy as well as black.

What exactly is an Epoxy Pigment What is an Epoxy Pigment, you ask?

Epoxy pigments are described as a type pigment produced through the mixing of epoxy resin and a colorant. Because of their high pigmentation strength, weather resistance and resistance to fading, these pigments are utilized in coatings and paints. They dry quickly, making them perfect for use in applications that require rapid responses, such as varnish or paint.

How do epoxy pigments function?

Epoxy pigments can be described as a kind of pigment that is made from epoxy resin and colorant. They are utilized to produce many colors in paint, ink as well as other media. Epoxy pigments can be combined with other substances to create new colors, or to alter the characteristics of the existing color.

Epoxy pigments are able to connect to the surface on which they're applied. This binding creates a hard, durable layer that protects the pigment and stops it from discoloring or fading over time. Epoxy pigments are used on a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, plastic and glass.

Epoxy Pigments Benefits

Epoxy pigments can be utilized to add the appearance of color and variety to woodworking projects. They are weatherproof as well as fade-resistant and long-lasting. The advantages of using these pigments are:

They are simple to apply and use.

They are invulnerable to wind, water and other elements.

They can be used on many surfaces including metal, wood and plastic.

-They create a high-quality finish that is both robust and appealing.

Epoxy pigments are a great option for anyone who is seeking a simple way to color their projects. The pigments are non-toxic and last for a long time. They won't harm your work. Here are a few advantages of using these pigments:

They last forever They are durable and will stay intact even after many uses.

They are waterproof: Epoxy pigments are able to shield your project from water damage.

They are non-toxic Colors made of epoxy are safe for pets and children.

What colors will I require for my project?

One of the most crucial elements of painting is selecting the appropriate color. We've put together a comprehensive color guide for all our products to assist you.

Below is a table listing each product that is available, as well as the color of its counterpart and the approximate value in RGB:

PC Paint Colors

All American Wood Works pc Color Pigment Set

Where can I purchase vibrant epoxy pigments?

All American Wood Works' Pc color pigment set is an excellent option for those searching for vibrant epoxy pigments that will add color to your work. The set includes eight colors, and can be purchased through the internet and at many craft stores.

Each color has specific application methods and application method, so be sure to go through the directions before you start. Once you've mastered the techniques for using every color you'll have lots of possibilities to create distinctive designs for your designs.


If you're looking for an affordable and versatile set of paints that you can make use of in your arts and crafts and other projects, then the All American Wood Works 8pc Color Pigment Set is definitely worth a look. The paints are water-resistant, non-toxic and resistant to fading which means you'll be able to rest assured that they'll be able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday usage. The set comes with a various colors to help you choose the right colour for your artwork.

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