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3 CHI Delta 8 Shots Mango Citrus in Tennesse - Brookside

Feb 6

Are you looking for refreshing and delicious summer drinks? Check out 3 CHI Delta 8 Shots Mango Citrus in Tennessee - Brookside! This drink is great for those who want an energizing taste that will keep them feeling energized all day long. It comes in many flavors, so you can choose the one that suits you the best.

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Introducing 3 CHI Delta 8 Shots Mango Citrus

Chi Delta Shots Mango Citrus is an excellent addition to any Tennessee beverage! This shoter has 8 shots of mango's citrus flavor with no sugar. This shooter is ideal for on-the-go or at home.

The CHI Delta 8 Shots Mango Citrus is here! This refreshing drink is perfect for any occasion. It is a combination of mango, citrus, and sparkling water. The Delta 8 Shots are made from natural flavors that have no calories or sugar added. They are also gluten-free and vegan friendly.

If you're in search of an invigorating drink to make your day more enjoyable The CHI Delta 8 Shots Mango Citrus is the perfect choice for you! You can enjoy these drinks guilt-free because they're delicious and healthy. Additionally, they're perfect for special occasions or just an evening having a drink with friends. Make your order today and sip a refreshing drink that's sure to please!

The Delta 8 Shots A Story

Delta 8 Shots is a Tennessee-based whiskey producer that makes a mango citrus variant of their namesake spirit. Delta 8 Shots first launched in 2013 to attract an even wider range of consumers. It has enjoyed great success. The whiskey is made from malt, corn and rye and has an 84 proof.

What is Delta 8 Shots?

CHI Delta Shots Mango Citrus is a sweet, tangy strain that is ideal for the summer months. This strain has a mango-like flavor that is sweet with a tart citrus flavor.

How do they taste?

Delta shots are a wonderful fruit punch drink that tastes great and come in many fruity flavors. My personal favorite is the mango citrus. personal favorite. They're also refreshing and are perfect to cool down on a hot summer's day.

Ingredients in Delta 8 Shots

Ingredients are present in Delta 8 Shots:

Chi Omega Sorority, Inc. was founded by Chi Omega Sorority, Inc. Delta Sigma Theta at Howard University in Washington D.C. on February 4, 1904. It was the first sorority or fraternity that was international in its structure. Delta 8 Shots, a fruit-flavored soft drink, is a source of aspartame and caffeine.

Delta 8 Shots: Health Benefits

Delta 8 Shots is a nutritional supplement clinically found to boost cardiovascular health, cognitive performance as well as overall health. The powerful drink is made of organic mangoes and citrus juices and is an excellent way for you to get your daily dose of vitamins and antioxidants.

One study revealed that people who consumed Delta 8 Shots showed better blood flow and less inflammation when compared with those who did not take supplements. Even after just 12 weeks the drink was able to boost cognitive performance in seniors.

Delta 8 Shots is loaded with benefits for your health But it's not the only benefit. It's also delicious! Many say the mango taste is light and refreshing and the citrus adds the drink a sharp tang. In addition, you can enjoy Delta 8 Shots without feeling guilty because it's made of all natural ingredients.


We are thankful that you selected the 3 CHI Delta 8 Shots Mango Citric in Tennessee in the Tennessee region - Brookside. This refreshing and tasty beverage is available to all our customers. The mango citrus flavor is sweet and tart and the sparkling water makes it light and refreshing. Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy your experience drinking our product.

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