Summer brings outdoor activities such as barbecues and fun in the garden for children and pets. If everyone spends more time outdoors in the summer, follow our five summer lawn care tips for a healthy, fun lawn.

1. Water your lawn properly

Many homeowners think that the hot summer months mean watering your lawn frequently. However, the way you water is more important than the frequency of watering. Believe it or not, over-watering destroys more plants than under-watering. Grass and plants can survive in the summer heat. Efficient tips for casting are:

  • Water your lawn and plants less often, but thoroughly.

  • Water early in the morning or evening. Sun and heat do not steal moisture from the plants.

  • Grass should get at least an inch of water a week.

Start time tip: Lawns that receive less than 1 inch of water are likely to become dormant. That's okay because the grass is still alive. Lawns that are allowed to become inactive and brown usually recover well when the weather brings rain regularly.

2. Mow your lawn properly

Your grass begins to grow quickly in summer. You may even cut more than once a week to keep up with all the growth. Homeowners are tempted to cut their lawn shorter than the recommended amount. However, correct mowing techniques will help promote the health of your lawn. Here are some tips to keep in mind when mowing your garden in the hot summer months:

  • Set your mower blades to 3 inches.

  • Remember to clean under your mower to prevent lawn diseases from spreading.

  • It is okay to leave grass waste on the lawn so that this waste can decompose and nourish the ground. However, remove large clumps such as leaves, twigs and dirt.

3. Watch your lawn for maggots

Summer time means that Pinworms, the larval stage of Japanese and other underground insects feed on the delicate root systems of the lawns. June is the best time to take preventive check-ups.

To check if your lawn is damaged, look for areas of grass that are tanning or withering on your lawn. When you spot these spots, pull back the lawn and look for white, C-shaped maggots. If you see several maggots, your garden needs to be treated with a maggot preventing agent. Tee Time offers preventive maggot control as a quick and effective solution to maggot infestation.

4. Treat your lawn against pests

Insects can escape with full force in the summer and disturb you and your lawn. Dormant or drought-stressed grasses can be more susceptible to insect attack, including chinch bugs, army worms, ants, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Smaller infections are often easy to treat, but serious problems may require attention. Tee Time offers many pest control programs that prevent this infestation from growing and becoming a bigger problem.

5. Treat your lawn for lawn diseases

Summer is the time for fungal diseases such as dollar stains and brown stains. Do not water your lawn in the evening to keep the nightly moisture as low as possible. Homeowners confuse lawn diseases with fertilizer burning. Our Tee Time specialist can examine your landscape to identify potential dangers of lawn diseases. It is best to treat lawn diseases quickly so that the fungi do not spread and do not cause irreparable damage to your lawn.

How Tee Time Lawn Care Can Help

With your five tips for lawn care in summer, you can now start planning sunshine and spend long days on your lawn. Whether it's a Plan for fertilizing lawn care, fungus treatment, pest control or landscapingOur team will be happy to work with you, answer all your questions and help you get started with the program that suits your needs.