The Best Hand Saw For Cutting Trees in 2020 is…

Why Get a Hand Saw

You might be wondering why anyone would get a hand saw when a chainsaw can do the same thing. Well, we have a few arguments as to why it’s still a good idea to get one.

1] Affordable

If you have a tight budget, you should definitely get a hand saw for your tree-cutting needs. Since it does not need any engine or fuel compartment whatsoever, the cost of owning a hand saw is significantly lower than that of a chainsaw.

Instead of splurging a hundred bucks on a heavy-duty chainsaw, you can buy a reliable handsaw for a third of that price.

2] Lightweight

Hand saws are designed light enough to be used without experiencing immediate fatigue.

After all, you will be exerting physical pressure to move the saw against the tree you want to cut.

Thus, the materials are carefully chosen to be effective yet light. For example, tubular steel is a tough yet light material for hand saws.

3] Durable

As mentioned before, tubular steel allows hand saws to be sturdy yet light. While you may have to replace the blade of the hand saw, possibilities are that you won’t change it at all.

The best hand saws have carefully fitted blades to assure optimal performance.

4] Easy Storage

One of the best things about a hand saw is that it can be quickly stored in your shed or car trunk.

To those who are both budget and space limited this is a more viable option. You can pretty much carry it anywhere due to its compact design.

Factors to Look For in an Efficient Hand Saw

Before you buy your own hand saw, you must first take note of several factors.

1] Design

The hand saw must feature an ergonomic design: light weight of the tool, non-slip and non-conductive grip.

Your muscles will eventually get tired, but a well-designed hand saw will enable you to work longer than expected. Likewise, a steel tubular design will not only improve grip but also performance.

2] Blade Quality

The blade will determine how fast you can cut down a tree. If it’s flimsy, you’ll get tired without accomplishing your task.

Moreover, a weak blade can be broken after just several uses on the hardwood.

Ideally, the hand saw must have hardened steel blades. These are incredibly tough blades that don’t lose sharpness and are not affected by tension adjustments.

3] Tension Adjuster

Speaking of tension adjustments, the hand saw must have a feature that will allow you to conveniently change the blade tension.

Contrary to what many people believe, you don’t actually need to use the hand saw at maximum tension all the time.

Sometimes, it makes perfect sense to lower the blade tension.

4] Safety Features

The hand saw must feature an exceptional grip. Without a good grip, your hand could easily slip away from the hand saw and injure you.

Moreover, there must be a knuckle guard to stop the saw from hitting your hands in case it does slip off.

Apart from a good grip and knuckle guard, your hand saw must come with a protective sheath.

We all appreciate sharp blades, but we need to completely cover them as we put them in the storage area.

It’s not uncommon for some people to get a minor cut just because they were looking for their cutting tool in the dark.

Thus, it’s important to check the quality of the sheath itself and if it entirely covers the blades.

5] Blade Change Efficiency

While hardened steel blades are sturdy, their overall sharpness can be affected if maintenance is not properly conducted.

Thus, the hand saw must be designed to allow quick blade replacements so you can get back to cutting trees in no time.

6] Blade Length

Just like chainsaws, the blades of handsaw vary in length. The small-sized hand saws have around 17 inches long blade.

These are good for pruning trees and other light garden maintenance tasks, particularly those in narrow areas, a band saw may also be useful.

On the other hand, the bigger hand saws can have 30-inch blades. These are much more capable of cutting logs and trees in a relatively short span of time.

We hope that you learned a lot from our guide. As long as you take note of several factors and know your preferences, you should be able to find the right hand saw for your needs.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a comment.