The battery powered chainsaw is becoming increasingly popular with home gardeners and professional horticultural companies lately, and it offers some significant advantages over the gasoline chainsaw, which is becoming increasingly popular.

With the developments in battery technology, the electric chainsaw is getting stronger. Users are now getting longer uptime and much faster loading times, making them more attractive than ever.

We consider 6 ways battery operated chainsaw is better than the petrol version.

1. Easier to maintain

If you've ever owned or used a gasoline chainsaw, you know that it requires regular maintenance, with numerous components that must be looked after in order for the chainsaw to function properly.

Some of the components that need to be taken care of are

  • Fuel filter
  • Air filter
  • spark plug
  • Oil for the engine
  • Oil for the fuel

With the battery operated chainsaw, this maintenance is significantly reduced and all you really need to do is keep the oil level correct for the electric version to run well.

You'll need to charge the battery, of course, but it's as easy as plugging it in for a few hours when you don't need it.

The reduced maintenance is greatly welcomed by many gardeners who want a simple cutting tool that they don't need to invest time and money in to get it running properly.

The alone time saved by just getting your electric chainsaw out and getting to work pruning those branches or trees attracts most home and professional gardeners to purchase one.

2. Battery operated chainsaws are cheaper to run

Fuel is getting more and more expensive and that makes it much cheaper to use an electric model.

You also need to take into account the oil you are mixing with your fuel, as this is quite expensive for something that you still have to buy with the gasoline model while the electric

The chainsaw does not require fuel, so the oil added to the fuel is not needed to keep the gasoline engine lubricated.

You will also save money on all of the internal combustion engine version components listed above

Must run and function properly.

The only thing you need to buy is the oil for the chain and the sprocket, which the gasoline needs in addition to the heating oil.

3. Electric chainsaws are cheaper to buy

You can find gasoline and electric chainsaws in many different price ranges, but the electric one is on the lower end of the scale.

You can buy one for around $ 100 to cut back small to medium-sized stores when you don't want to spend a lot or aren't using them enough to warrant a higher amount.

For many people, the gasoline version is going to be over the top anyway because they just want to cut their small branches or cut back their bushes and an inexpensive electric version is perfect for these types of tasks.

4. Better for your health

We all know the dangers of the fumes that internal combustion engines emit during operation, and the gasoline chainsaw is no different from your car except it doesn't have a catalytic converter installed to reduce the dangerous smoke like most cars do these days.

You can wear a mask, but this makes it less comfortable especially over long cutting times.

5. Better for the environment

By the same token, it is better for your health, it is also better for the environment and that is, the electric chainsaw tool does not give off smoke while in use because it relies on batteries for its performance.

So the electric chainsaw reduces your carbon footprint and that is definitely a good thing.

6. Easier operation of the battery-operated chainsaw

This is another good advantage of the battery powered chainsaw over the gasoline saw, and for many people, this will be the deciding factor when choosing the electric one.

With the simple charge and go system, the power tool is so easy to use and requires very few preliminary checks before use.

The petrol chainsaw tool, on the other hand, needs to be checked before operation and is not that easy to use.

The petrol engines vibrate much more strongly during use and this can be stressful for the user, especially with prolonged use.

The electric one doesn't vibrate nearly as much because the gasoline engine doesn't burn fuel.

The electric model is also much quieter than the gasoline model, which sounds quite loud and aggressive.

Strengths of gasoline and electric chainsaws

Since we've already covered the electric chainsaw, it has the advantages of ease of use, price, the environment, and health, but there are times when gasoline has the advantage over the electric model.

If you are cutting down large trees with large trunks, the gasoline model in this department is unmatched for performance. The electric model has all the advantages when it comes to small to medium cutting and cutting tasks, but it can't keep up with the crude power of the gasoline that one produces.

Chainsaw safety

It is very important that you read and understand the safety guidelines when it comes to this Operating a chainsaw. Gasoline or electric.

You can find this in your operating instructions or operating instructions that you received when you purchased the chainsaw. It is worth taking 10 minutes to familiarize yourself with these before going to work.

Safety glasses and some sturdy gloves should always be used with the electric version, no matter how small the cutting work is.

When working overhead, a hard hat should also be worn to prevent falling parts from hitting you on the way down.