When it comes to essential things for a good gardener, a good pair of secateurs or secateurs is on this list. Regardless of whether you are growing fruits or flowers, regular pruning is vital to plant health.

Especially in the colder months, plants like the Black Cherry Tree prefer to be pruned in winter. Follow our tool shopper's guide to the best cutting shears on the market and learn how to use and care for them effectively.


7 best cutting scissors in 2020 | For a healthier garden

What are loppers?

A woman using a Vremi secateurs

Pruning shears or secateurs are used for daily trimming of branches and stems. Regular pruning stimulates plant growth, prevents the spread of pests and diseases, and allows you to maintain the shape and size of the plants.

Most garden plants require thorough pruning at some point in the year. A fixed set of secateurs should be able to easily cut through branches ¾ inch thick.

The sharp blades and spring mechanism make cutting and pruning effortless. If you want to cut larger branches, you can use the rule of thumb. Anything thicker than your average thumb will likely blunt your scissors.

For larger cutting activities, consider using a regular handsaw or investing in an electric pruning saw. Wondering if you can just use scissors for pruning? The answer is not really no.

General-use scissors do not provide a clean cut, which is essential for a proper cut. It can also put undue pressure on your hands.

What are the best loppers?

Which secateurs you choose depends on your preferences and needs. Different types of blades offer different types of cuts. In addition, many brands offer advanced lock handles and security mechanisms.

If you invest in the right type of scissors and maintain them properly, years of use are guaranteed. For this reason, scissors made of solid materials are highly recommended.

What are loppers?

You should avoid plastic as it just won't last that long. More importantly, you want to make sure that the shear blades are made of solid, sharp steel.

When it comes to maintenance, powder-coated steel blades are the easiest to clean, unlike their counterparts.

When it comes to blade materials, here are some things to consider:

  • Stainless steel. This is the most common type of shear available as it is great for everyday cutting.
  • Carbon steel. Carbon steel is far tougher than stainless steel, but it is known to rust.
  • Titanium coated. Perhaps this is the way to go as it is one of the strongest blade materials that is not prone to rust.

The shape made and the blade mechanism are as important as the blade materials. You will find that the two most common types are bypass or anvil.

ONEnvil vs bypass pruners

In addition to the shape of the blade, the type of cut is the most important difference between anvil and bypass cutters. Bypass scissors are the most common on the market.

The bypass loppers work like scissors with the two sharp blades cutting through the material. With scissors, you'll find that the lower blade also serves to hold the branch or stem in place while you cut.

Bypass scissors are best for:

  • Easy, neat cuts on plants, shrubs, and other everyday plants.
  • For trimming in narrow areas.

Anvil loppers work a little differently. Anvil shears have a sharp top blade and a blunt bottom blade, which gives them a lot more power. Unfortunately, the cut isn't that clean.

Anvil shears are best for:

  • Cut thick branches that require more power.
  • Cut through dead branches and leaves.

What are the best hand cutters on the market?

Are you thinking of investing in a good pair of secateurs or just upgrading from an old, dull pair? Here's a look at our 7 top picks when it comes to the best loppers in 2020:

1. Gonnic 8 ”Professional Premium Titanium Bypass Cutting Shears

Gonnic 8 ”Professional Premium Titanium Bypass Scissors

Source: Amazon

This is a top choice when it comes to scissors. With high quality titanium steel, you can effortlessly cut branches up to ¾ inch in size.

  • Carefully designed ergonomic, non-slip handle, ideal for users, even with smaller hands.
  • It's light and durable.
  • It has a juice groove that makes it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Each pair is subject to strict quality control, so you are guaranteed to be a perfect partner for your gardening work.

2. Fiskars steel bypass shears

Fiskars steel bypass shears

Source: Amazon

These simple yet effective scissors are excellent value for money. These bypass scissors are an ideal option for everyday use and are ideal for cutting stems and smaller branches.

Equipped with an easy-to-open lock, you can ensure that your blade stays sharp when not in use. These handy little scissors come with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Precision ground steel blades that can stay sharp even under heavy use.
  • A low-friction blade coating that prevents the build-up of juice and dirt.
  • Self-cleaning juice groove.
  • Comfort-oriented, non-slip handles.

3. Felco F-2 Classic hand cutter

Felco F-2 Classic hand cutter

Source: Amazon

The Felco F-2 is one of Amazon's top-rated hand cutters and is a great option for gardeners who want general-use pruning shears. These are of the anvil blade variant, with a hardened screw and nut that the anvil blades can use to adjust.

It's the ideal pair of scissors for easier cutting and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. With high-quality blades made of hardened steel and light metal handles, you will enjoy cutting for years.

  • Strong blade with wire cut notch.
  • Juice groove.
  • Forged aluminum steel, rotating handles.
  • Ergonomic padded shock absorber.

4th Vremi pruning shears

Vremi pruning shears

Source: Amazon

These 9 inch secateurs are a handy tool to keep your plants happy. With a classic bypass design, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cutting.

With precisely ground blades and an intuitive security lock, you can enjoy clean, clear cuts. It also has a special high-performance, rustproof coating.

  • Ergonomic comfort handles.
  • Razor-sharp blades.
  • Precise control of the clipper action.
  • Light design.

5. Vivosun 6.5 inch secateurs

Vivosun 6.5 inch secateurs

Source: Amazon

These handy secateurs are equipped with super sharp micro-scissors and spring force to reduce hand fatigue. It's a great option for roses, annuals, and vegetables.

It has a super secure side locking mechanism that protects your blades when they are not in use.

  • High quality, precisely sharpened blades made of stainless steel.
  • Narrow tip for easy cutting in tight spaces.
  • Comfort handle, ideal for people with carpal tunnel or arthritis.

6th ToolZyz loppers hand shears

ToolZyz loppers hand shears

Source: Amazon

Another premium option from Amazon is the TOOLZYZ pruning shears, which was built by designers and craftsmen for ideal multifunctional use.

These powerful pruning shears with a cutting size of up to 1 inch are equipped with chrome plating and corrosion-resistant SK-5 steel blades. It's ideal for hedges and the outdoor garden.

  • Ergonomic design for right and left handers.
  • Robust, non-slip rubber handle.
  • Lightweight for ease of use.

7th Vannect bypass cutting shears

Vannect bypass cutting shears

Source: Amazon

One of the best secateurs that offers high quality performance. With a grip angle of 30 degrees and a labor-saving spring, it's an ideal option for those with weaker grips.

It has a multifunctional, ergonomic design that makes it easy to use.

  • Long-lasting SK-5 steel blades.
  • Rust and corrosion resistant steel.
  • One-hand locking mechanism.
  • Lifetime guarantee.

How do I choose a loppers?

With so many great options out there, it's hard to know exactly which ones are just right. While features like a lifetime warranty are great, you want to ensure durability versus cost and it all depends on the materials and manufacture.

7 Best Secateurs For A Healthier Garden

Here are 4 key factors to consider before making a purchase:

1. Enter

  • The type of scissors you want depends on what you need them for.
  • Bypass pruning shears are great for general use.
  • Anvil shears are better suited for gardens with larger plants and leaves.
  • Some gardeners have one each so they have the right tool for every job.

2. Design

  • Think about whether the scissors have an ergonomic design or special handles.
  • Do your scissors have a special design or mechanism that makes them easy to use with little effort?

3. Height and weight

  • Heavy-duty secateurs have a lot more weight, which can strain the hand.
  • For daily use, it is recommended that you find a lightweight option that will allow you to make multiple cuts without fatigue.

4. Easy to clean

  • Some loppers come with a clever juice groove that prevents the juice from getting stuck in the cutting mechanism or on the blades.
  • Secateurs with a non-stick coating are also much easier to clean.

How do I clean and care for the scissors?

A man cutting a handle with a Felco F-2 secateurs

Once you've selected and purchased your loppers, it's important to properly care for them to keep the blade sharp and improve the life of the tool.

It is recommended that you clean the pruning shears after each use to prevent juice or dirt from building up. If you're working with diseased or pest-infested plants, disinfecting your scissors can help prevent it from spreading.

Any remaining sap can be easily removed with a fine steel wool so as not to affect the finish of your scissors. Make sure you dry your scissors properly after cleaning them.

It is also recommended that you regularly spray your secateurs with a biodegradable lubricant. When storing your secateurs, make sure they are kept in a dry place and indoors, e.g. B. in a shed or garage. Moisture can cause your scissors to rust.

Summary of the best cutting scissors guide

So there you have it. All you need to know when looking for the best loppers in 2020. Always check both the handle and the blade material to make sure they are solid and do not give way in time.

Be sure to properly care for your loppers after purchase to ensure that you are really getting value for money and that you will have many years of trouble-free pruning.