Coffee grounds as mulch

Other uses for coffee grounds are mulch, which prevents annoying weeds from taking over your flower bed or garden. You can use many substances like cedar chips and even coffee grounds to mulch. In order to get the most out of your household waste, you should know how to use the site as mulch. You will never be without pesticides because you drink coffee regularly and always have access to fresh soil.

Keep the layer thin and stack it on top of the mulch that you have already laid down. A half inch layer prevents coffee grounds from going moldy. It is enough to serve as a mulch without your plants going moldy. Moldy plants succumb to diseases and do not produce as they should.

Coffee grounds as fertilizer

Coffee grounds for gardening make a coffee tea that can be used to fertilize plants. It requires a bucket, two cups of coffee grounds, and five gallons of water. By infiltrating the "tea" overnight, it gains the full strength of the ground coffee. It is one of the simplest and most effective applications for coffee grounds.