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About Us

As the name depicts “Truth” is the central aspect of our website and we aim to distribute it globally. Since the time of the origin of True Global News the thing that has always bound us together to the organization is the vulnerability of news nowadays. There are many news websites out in the world, and there are millions of communication too, but the main query arises when it comes to the matter of authenticity. In True Global News, all the articles published are factually correct and unique. We take every day as a challenge and improvise the quality and standard as per the trend.

We cover mainly four categories which include science, health, business, and technology. We have designated teams working individually towards all these categories. We maintain different formats for different types. For business and technology, we keep the formal composition. Business articles mainly portray the economic scenario both in a global and national basis. Articles of technology primarily focus on the new launches and the devices in the market. For health and science, we maintain the original format. Health articles mainly consist of fitness regimes and healthy living while the science articles cover the scientific genre of the world.

The thing that we always encourage our readers to do is to give feedback so that it becomes a two-way communication and helps the betterment of our website.