These rings on mulberry leaves are NOT what I like to see:

This picture was sent to me by a reader who writes:

"Hey David,
I hope everything is fine. Any idea what that is?
Thank you and God bless you. "

I wrote back:

"Almost certainly a virus infection. If it were my tree, I would take it out and burn it. I don't know a cure and it can spread to the other trees. Even so, you may be lucky if you continue to research and know that it is viral. Information difficult to find. "

He has answered:

"Sounds like I have something to burn. Should I cut it off completely or just leave the stem in the ground as it is a mulberry? I will burn all the leaves within an hour and branch out with leaves. I prefer not to have one of my other trees get this. Thanks for the direction. "

And I replied:

“I would also take out the trunk, otherwise it simply grows back with the virus. The big risk is that one day you prune an uninfected tree and then accidentally prune it. I made that stupid. Or an insect eats it and then visits another tree. "

Take a closer look at these rings with some contrast:

Viral infections are very difficult to treat and often the best cure is not to bother, just try and keep going

A friend of mine had an infected mulberry tree and showed me what it looked like. Although these crazy places didn't exist, there were strangely stained, distorted leaves. These things happen, and if you let them stay, they can spread to other trees.

And of course wash your hands.

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