This is the time of year to create a timely, lovely holiday centerpiece for all to enjoy. Here are a few helpful suggestions. Start with a theme, maybe the twelve days of Christmas or all the winter and summer sports that different members of the family enjoy. It could be whimsical and fun for your children or grandchildren.
Add the unexpected (like Dad’s favorite fishing lure) and other fun items enjoyed by the family all year. Use some vintage pieces to remember those of previous generations, like Grandma’s crochet hook or knitting needles. Mix the rustic with the new for added interest using a bit of nature with fresh evergreens and holly.
You can choose a color scheme that coordinates with the colors of your home or use the traditional holiday colors of red, green, gold, copper or silver. Layer the items in a tiered formation creating a winding walkway effect. You will be praised by friends and family when they come to see your holiday decorations and enjoy the good tidings of the season with you and your family.
Don’t forget the option of using poinsettias as centerpieces for your holiday table. Adding glitter to their bright blossoms will make them extra special and festive. Wagners is offering complimentary glitter through the holidays. You can even custom paint your poinsettia centerpieces in purple, blue or Viking colors if you wish for a small fee.

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