The rear engine design of the Cub Cadet CC 30 H may seem old-fashioned, but there's a reason why this ride-on mower is the best-selling model in its segment. The simple construction, the good view and the compact size make it a practical alternative to hand-held mowers. If you're tired of using a handheld lawn mower on your lawn, it's definitely worth a look.

Bigger is not always better

A wide deck and large engine are great when you need to mow a large garden. However, it doesn't do much good if you have a normal suburban yard and can't get your mower over most of it. This Cub Cadet really shines here.

The CC 30 is small enough to fit through most gates. It's not as nimble as a ZTR, but its 18-inch turning radius is much smaller than that of a front-mounted lawn tractor. This means that most owners can easily get into confined spaces and mow their entire lawn with one machine instead of switching to a hand-held mower for part of the work. By inserting the motor in the back, the operator has a clear view, which makes tight maneuvers even easier.

Cub Cadet recommends this mower for cutting up to 1 hectare of flat terrain, but can handle slopes of up to 21%. This makes it a great upgrade from a handheld mower.


The CC 30 uses a 382 cm3 OHC single-cylinder engine developed and built by Cub Cadet. In contrast to other engines in this class, a full-pressure oil system with an oil filter is used. This keeps the engine fully lubricated for a longer life. It also has an automatic throttle and an electric starter. Most of the maintenance on this engine is limited to annual maintenance: changing the oil, replacing the fuel filter and cleaning some key components.


While the overall design of the CC 30 has not changed in years, there is a major upgrade: a hydrostatic transmission. The Hydro-Gear T2HP gives the CC 30 a top speed of 4 MPH forward and 2 MPH backward. The gearbox is controlled with two foot levers. The largest one on the right acts like an accelerator pedal: the more you push down, the faster the mower will travel. Push the little lever next to the driver's seat and the mower will retract. In combination with the rack and pinion steering, operating this mower feels like driving a car.

The hydrostatic transmission is maintenance-free. A built-in fan and die-cast aluminum body maintain fluid temperatures so that the hydraulic fluid lasts the life of the mower. The use of a hydrostatic drive separates the mower speed from the motor speed so that the knife can run 100% of the time at full speed, which improves the cutting quality.


The CC 30 H uses a 30-inch die-cut 14-gauge steel deck. In this way, Cub Cadet can form a mowing chamber that hugs the blade and increases the vacuum for a precise cut. It has a built-in wash port so you can connect a garden hose to remove grass deposits without having to remove the deck. The deck height can be set to one of 5 positions between 1 and 4.5 inches.


Cub Cadet offers several ways to change how lawn waste is handled. The mulching set is supplied with a cover plug and a high-lift blade. This captures clippings in the deck housing, where it passes the blade several times. With each pass, the blade cuts them into ever finer pieces and turns them into a fine mulch. Do you want to remove clippings? The excavator kit has a 3.25 bushel capacity and is designed to be easy to install and remove.

This mower can also pull small trailers. Cub Cadet offers a 12.5 cubic foot commercial vehicle and a 12 cubic foot steel trolley. There is also the tractor trailer with foldable sides. This way you can use it as a bucket-shaped box or flatbed trailer.

The CC 30 can also be used for other work around the yard. The 44-inch sweeper picks up leaves and lawn waste for easy disposal. The 175 lb. Broadcast spreader is useful for sowing and distributing pelletized fertilizer and herbicides.


Cub Cadet guarantees the CC 30 H three years or 120 hours of residential use. This guarantee extends to the engine.

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