Do you think a zero turning radius mower would make mowing your lawn easier, but would be too expensive? Then the Cub Cadet Ultima Series ZT is just the thing for you. This range of mowers costs roughly the same as equivalent lawn and garden tractors without damaging the components. This makes them a great choice for larger lawns with landscape features. If you are new to ZTRs, model selection can be confusing. This breakdown will help you choose the features you need to take care of your lawn.


The maximum speed of a mower is only important during transportation. To get a good cut, drive the same speed with every mower. Coverage is therefore the most important factor when determining mowing speed. However, wider is not automatically better. A smaller deck can be used in a confined space and tilts less from left to right, resulting in a clean cut with less scalping on uneven terrain.

Cub Cadet offers the ZT series with decks with a width of 42, 46, 50, 54 and 60 inches. A 42- or 46-inch deck is a good choice for up to two acres, while a 50- or 54-inch deck is a good choice for homes up to four acres. A 60 inch deck can cover up to 5 acres.

All but one ZT model are equipped with an 11-gauge steel deck. These decks are made by welding flat steel sheet pieces together, creating a deck that can withstand hard shocks. Cub Cadet provides a lifetime guarantee on these decks.

The ZT1's 42-inch deck is made from 13-gauge punched steel. This deck will not tolerate the abuse of the manufactured decks. However, by molding the deck with a single piece of metal, the sides curve around the blades. This increases the vacuum of the mowing chamber, which leads to a cleaner cut.


The ZT1 46 uses the 679cc V-Twin from Cub Cadet. Like the company's single-cylinder engines, this twin was specially developed for its equipment. That means you can expect the same easy start and maintenance that handheld mowers are known for.

The Kawasaki FS series was developed for use in a variety of mower applications, including ZTRs and large-scale walk-behinds. Kawasaki focused on low weight and emissions requirements when developing these engines. However, you will still receive cast iron linings, a full pressure lubrication system and integrated cleaning openings. It is only offered with a 60 inch deck.

The Kawasaki FR series is basically an affordable, consumer-oriented version of its professional FX series. It may not have the FX's advanced air filter system, but it does have features such as cast iron cylinder liners and a grass cutter screen to ensure long life. This engine is offered with 50 and 54 inch decks.

The Kohler 7000 is a consumer version of the professional Command Pro. With the Kohler Consistent Cut controller, the motor reacts quickly to load changes. This maintains the blade speed for an even finish. The 7000 is offered with 42 and 52 inch decks.

Hydrostatic drive

By using valves to control fluid flow, a hydrostatic drive unit can change speed independently of the engine. This keeps the blade's speed high no matter how fast or slow you move. A ZTR uses two drive units, one for each drive wheel. The wheel speed is controlled independently of the overlap bars. Move one wheel faster than the other and the mower will spin. When one wheel turns backwards and the other turns forward, the mower turns in place so the turning radius is zero.

Cub Cadet uses integrated ZT series hydro-gear transmissions. These devices have a built-in pump and motor, making them compact and avoiding hoses that can leak. The ZT 2200 EZT is basically maintenance-free. It has a top speed of 7 mph. Cub Cadet uses this gearbox for 42, 50 and 54 inch ZT1 mowers.

The ZT 2800 is the company's largest residential transmission. It has an external oil filter and requires occasional fluid changes. This device has a maximum speed of 7.5 MPH. Cub Cadet uses this transmission for 50, 54 and 60 inch ZT2 mowers.

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