Carpet grass is a desirable type of grass in parts of the country. Not so in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Carpet grass will blend with millipede grass all year round. Then summer comes and the seed heads pop out. Carpet grass seed heads confuse your manicured lawn.

How to identify carpet grass

Carpet grass looks like millipede grass. They grew in a similar way. The easiest way to identify carpet grass is to wait until the end of June and the end of summer. Carpet grass seed heads shoot out and form a distinctive shape. It is usually described as a Y with an additional offshoot. Look at the picture above to see it.

How to control carpet grass

Herbicide control products include either Celsius or Finale. Both require a license in Louisiana. These products work, but may require two applications. Contact us for help.

Carpet grass does not go well with salt. If you have salt-tolerant grass like certain varieties of St. Augustinegrass, you may have another option. Although we have not tried this remedy, numerous other sources have been successful. Try at your own risk. The mixture consists of 7 to 10 gallons of water and two cups of table salt. Leave it in a large bucket for a few days to dissolve. Choose a day on which rain is not expected for 3 days. Lightly water the areas with carpet grass weeds with a watering can. You should see the effect in three days.