You have a nice, clean path around your house and then the rain comes. Suddenly every loose piece of soil in your garden finds its way to the sidewalk. Dirty sidewalks are not inviting and can be very frustrating as a homeowner. They tend to ask the same questions over and over again. Why is this happening? Why does your house seem to be the only house where this happens? What can you do to prevent your walkway from getting dirty when it rains?

It was spotless before the rain

Why do some sidewalks get dirty when it rains and others stay clean?
Your walkway is under the floor. This can be caused by a few things:

  1. If it is a new building, one of the walkways was shaped too low.
  2. When it happens on an older sidewalk, the sidewalk has started to settle.
  3. If you have added new landscape beds or lawns, they will be washed into your walkway.
  4. The entire area is half flooded when it rains.
  5. The landscape washes away water from the room.

How to fix a sidewalk that gets dirty after the rain?
Solution number 1
The solution is simple, but expensive. Destroy and replace the section of your walkway. If your walkway is lower than the surrounding ground, this is the only solution that will give your guaranteed results.

Solution no.2
See solution 1.

Solution no.3
This can usually be corrected with landscape margin material. There is a thin landscape edge made of rubber or metal that keeps your overflowing landscape in check. Hardscape edges like stones or bricks can also damage your landscaping.

Solution number 4
Consider and install a drainage solution. A lot of landscape material swims, so the water has to be moved before it gets too high. French drains, burms, trenches, and sorts are all solutions you can examine to fix an excessive water problem.

Solution number 5
Set up an area with stones, pebbles, or a French drain to capture where the water comes from the roof along your home's drip line. This prevents the water from washing out your landscape on the sidewalks.