A beautiful home deserves a beautiful garden and landscape. Maybe you feel very confident about decorating your living room or bedroom, but a little shy in planning your garden and landscape. Vision your landscape and garden just as you would an indoor project, go online to watch landscaping videos, look at photos on Pinterest or drive around your neighborhood and find yards you admire.  

The most successful landscapes use a mix of shrubs, perennials and annuals to present a tapestry of color, shapes, and forms. The trend in new plants has been all about the foliage in addition to the flowers. The flower and foliage color should complement the outside color of your home too.

Also consider the view from indoors as well as from the street, positioning plants so you see their beauty from inside your home.   It’s always good to plant varieties in three or more to make a statement. Of course, consider the ultimate size and shape of shrubs and perennials since they will change from year to year as they grow. Almost any plant can be moved if it doesn’t suit your fancy. Well landscaped homes are more valuable and are the talk of the neighborhood.

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Don’t forget the kids that like to garden or need a rewarding hobby. Maybe they want an area of their own to grow those tasty veggies and blooming snapdragons or petunias. A special planter box just for their garden is a great idea too.

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