Makita XVJ03 is the second best product in our list. It has all the cool features to be in the 2nd position in this list. It is an ideal tool for professional jigsaw workers.

It has one of the lowest weights in the cordless jigsaw which gives great advantage for working a long period of time with any fatigue.

 It produces less vibration and noise compared to other tools to give maximum comfort in the work.

It has a tool less blade changing system that works faster than dewalt 331m1. So you can change the blade as quickly as possible.

2 Finger Speed Controller

One of the coolest features of this tool is the 2 finger speed controller. It allows you to change the speed very quickly and easily in the middle of the job.

It has a LED light to guide the cutting way. It gives visibility to the work for safety and precision in the work. It comes with both metal cutting and wood cutting blades.

It has some of the lows compared to dewalt 331m1.One of them is the battery size is slightly smaller than the dewalt battery.

So it holds less charge than the dewalt but if you can afford two batteries, you will have a long time in hand to do the job.

Also, it produces the highest speed up to 2600 SPM. It is little less than dewant but good enough to cut all the materials quickly and smoothly.

With the ergonomic design and quality, this is definitely one of the high performance tools with durability and efficiency.


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