Surrey Lawn Maintenance is very important. A lush, green, well-tended and well-kept centerpiece of the lawn is not for everyone. To create a perfect picture, it doesn't have to be a large, spacious garden. Some homeowners intend to get a weed-free, nice-looking area that is humble and small. For others, however, lawn and garden maintenance is just a phone call away. Then just sit back and enjoy your wonderfully refreshing garden or front yard.

If you have problems maintaining your garden, you can always rely on the landscape specialists and lawn care experts. However, together with experts, the care, respect and efforts of the owners are most important. Lawn care companies can offer seasonal services. However, mowing, fertilizing and watering your grass must be done regularly. If not daily, at least once a week. Lawn care is therefore not complete without the owner taking special care of his lawn.

Complete lawn care program that is easy to follow

Because lawn care is a continuous work of love, care and effort, every homeowner needs easy-to-follow instructions. This ensures that your lawn and plants grow healthy. As a result, the essential nutrients in the soil are well preserved. But it wouldn't be long before you felt the need for North Star Tree Service, as the growth of shrubs shouldn't be left unattended.

It is important that the deep-rooted system forms after nutrients and microbes have been added to the soil. The irrigation patterns should allow the grass to dry between cycles. In summer, the lawn should be soaked in water regularly for at least 1 hour every two days. The time in which you water is also important. The morning or early afternoon is an ideal time to water.

Ultimate guide to weed, pest and disease control

No matter where you live in Surrey Lawn Maintenance, always think about the environment when you think about using toxic chemicals to treat your floor. Simply avoid these chemicals completely, as they have devastating effects on our ecosystem and can damage and pollute our local air and water systems. Choosing an organic lawn care program and using 100% organic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are a wise environmental choice that will have a positive impact on the world.

You should aim to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to identify weeds as weeds. Take preventive measures to prevent them from sprouting. Weed handling can be very tedious if a herbicide is used before emergence to prevent weeds or dreaded crab grass from rooting. Learning about diseases, pests and insects will help identify these problems early and take effective measures to control and treat the problems. The insects can attack your lawn and infect the lawn. Therefore, regular logging is the first step to avoid this problem. However, it is difficult to do the pest control yourself, so the Franklin pest control company is ready to help you with this task.

Surrey Lawn maintenance manual

In order to mow at the correct height, it is important to find out the type of grass in your lawn first. Second, you never tend to mow too short, as this allows weeds to take root. The general rule of thumb is: never mow or cut more than 1/3 the length of a blade of grass.

Always mow first in spring and last in autumn. The ideal mowing height is 7.5 cm and avoid repeated tight cuts. Because this damages the nutrients of the lawn. Follow these important mowing tips for a clean lawn.

  • Always avoid mowing when the grass is wet
  • Use a mower with sharp knives for cleaner cuts
  • Always keep the clippings in an excavator and use a mower to avoid the risk of developing diseases and pests
  • Always follow a different pattern when mowing for better upright growth
  • Mow as you move forward
  • Leave clippings on the lawn, known as grass wheel technology, to return nutrients and nitrogen to the lawn.
  • Never mow at lunchtime as the heat is stressing you and your grass.

If you are still having trouble maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn, you should call our specialists. Surrey Lawn Maintenance experts will be happy to help you.

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