This contribution was provided by Mathias (one of the interns).

Gallons of water a day keep the Texas sun away

Who would have thought that the human body can drink so much water? Sitting in the shade in my own pool of sweat, I figured this wasn't the summer of roses and rainbows that Nolan mistakenly believed.

Mowing the lawn is an easy task, but it stretches 12 hours a day under the hot Texas sun and can be quite exhausting. It's tough. According to my Fitbit, I walk around 40,000 steps a day. To put that in perspective, that's 20 miles from me walking up and down your lawn. For all those people who, like me, have quarantined on the couch and gained £ 20 in the past month. I have a solution for you! Just wait outside for your friendly lawn mower to come by and we'll be happy to give you the mower. You can take care of this weight and finish the lawn at the same time. We are more than happy to do this.

Under the heat exhaustion and the good tan of the farmers, this job really has its advantages. Now when I look at a lawn, I instinctively know exactly how to mow it most efficiently and aesthetically. (I consistently draw lawnmower lines in my head for lawns that I will never mow in my life). Another great benefit would be this great paycheck that I get at the end of every two weeks. You will continue to work hard and tell your friends about us, college is not cheap. Finally, I hit the tree lightly with the company truck the other day, so I'm in the dog kennel and I'm writing this blog.

I hope you know that I'm just kidding. I love this job. Top Choice is a great company that I can work for. These long hot summer days taught me a lot about how to just work yourself. To be proud of what you do and to make the product of your work more than just like yourself. Every employee at Top Choice not only learns this, but also illustrates it. I look forward to mowing all of your lawns this summer, and I won't refuse any snacks or drinks that you'd like to leave out.