How we enter
Spring and start in the warm summer months, many homeowners are struggling
with the maintenance of their trees when the seasons change. Whirl questions
around the tree loving homeowner like: how do i care for my trees as
you come from rest? How can I help my trees stay healthy in spring?
These and so many other questions are about to be demystified so you can feel
confident that your trees will thrive in spring too
like the rest of the year.

The 1,2,3 of tree care this spring and all year round

  • Understand the calm and how it works – Trees have an extremely resilient nature and an inner intelligence that enables them to sleep in bitterly cold winter periods and wake up like clockwork when spring finally brings warmer temperatures. Scientists found that trees in winter actually block communication between cells in the bud, preventing growth cells from developing.

Sycamore maple winter

  • Examine your trees and shrubs – As soon as the snow begins to melt and temperatures start to rise slowly, it's a good time to venture outdoors and examine the condition of your trees and shrubs. During a harsh winter, conditions can affect the well-being of your trees and bushes. Look for freezing temperature injuries that may have caused the bark to split or brown on evergreen plants due to winter fire. When we enter spring, it is time to address one of these issues and prevent them from doing further harm.
  • Cut away dead branches – When we enter spring, it's time to grab the pruning shears and remove the dead branches. As a rule of thumb, prune spring-flowering trees and shrubs after flowering in spring. The flower buds of these plants were planted in autumn, so shearing or shaping these plants will result in fewer flowers in spring. Individual limbs can be removed if they cross another limb, are damaged, or if you want to improve the shape of the plant. It is also strongly recommended to trim at this time to improve airflow and translucency.

Prune trees

  • Break out the mulch – Your mulching efforts at the beginning of spring help retain the moisture, even when the temperatures drop to an extreme level, as is possible during the unpredictable spring. Mulching has many other benefits, including weed prevention and reducing the likelihood of attack by bores, ants, and beetles. Three inches of mulch is all you need and avoid accumulating mulch on the logs to form "mulch volcanoes".
  • The time for water is now – Step up your tree watering game as you enter spring and prepare for summer with these proven methods – water deeply, but rarely, not over water and water in periods of drought. Also monitor moisture levels and make sure your trees don't dry out your trees. This is an excellent time to also check the sprinkler system to make sure it is working properly and the cover is correct.

Watering tree

Care for trees and
Shrubs require a year-round effort. When we leave the cold months and enter
In spring, we can make our trees thrive by following a few simple instructions.
And if you need further help with any aspect of your arbor or lawn care,
Spring-Green has a team of professionals ready to mobilize and support you
all your needs.

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