So that your lawn stays weed-free

As a last step, once you work hard to clear your lawn of weeds, you want to see more weeds in your garden. Learn how to prevent weeds from coming back.

This is how you prevent weeds from coming back

The best way to keep your lawn weed-free is to keep it as healthy as possible. This contains:

  • Pour correctly: Maintain your lawn with deep irrigation to promote the formation of healthy root systems. A rare (once or twice a week) deep irrigation is exactly what the lawn doctor ordered.
  • Mow high: Due to the low mowing, weeds have better access to sunlight, air and nutrients. Raise your lawnmower so that the grass grows tall. This keeps weeds in the shade and prevents them from growing.
  • Feed it with nutrients: If you regularly feed your lawn with lawn feed (most experts recommend every 6 to 8 weeks), it will become thicker and fill stains, making your lawn less hospitable to weeds.

Even after you've worked hard to clear your weed, you'll likely get a few more, especially if your neighbors don't have weed control. You need to fix weed problems as soon as they occur. Some methods include:

  • Manual weeding: You want to make sure that you get the entire root system. This is good before the weeds bloom. Once this happens, you could actually accidentally spread seeds!
  • Apply herbicide: Herbicides should be your last resort as they can be toxic and dangerous when first used. Make sure you buy herbicides that are meant to kill weeds without harming the grass.

Green Lawn Fertilizing knows weeds and how to prevent and treat them.

The best way to prevent a weed lawn is to be proactive and vigilant. The lawn care technicians from Green Lawn Fertilizing strive to provide our customers with weed-free lawns with our lawn care programs. Call us today 888-581-5296 for a free estimate. In the meantime, you can learn more about certain types of weeds in our handy lawn weed library.