The rooms in your home are made better and healthier by adding houseplants to add interest and beauty. There is something extra special about adding living potted plants to a room. Grouping them together in a room creates a visual impact.

Vary the height and shape of your plants to add interest on a coffee table, end table or display shelves. Maybe a tall rubber plant on the floor and smaller pothos that will trail over the edges of tables and shelves. Grouping different leaf shapes and heights is pleasant to the eye as well.

An equally important consideration is the container that you place the plants into. You could go for a consistent unified look by using all terra cotta pots in a room. You could go with a “bohemian look” by mixing shapes, sizes and colors of the containers as well as your plant selections – a real conversation piece!

If you ever feel something is missing from your living space, add a few plants to the mix and see the difference it makes. It is healthier too since many plants take toxins out of the air and make for a healthier living space.

If you need some plant suggestions or help growing indoor plants, stop in our store or attend one of our February hands-on workshops. Make a reservation and enjoy the fun and creativity of planting an indoor container garden of your own. Of course, your children or grandchildren will enjoy “fun in the dirt” too. Bring them along!

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