The season of fresh evergreens and indoor blooming bulbs is upon us!

Here are some quick and easy tips to make your holiday home bright.

 First you probably want to make a container of evergreens to brighten your entryway and welcome guests. Use a mix of pine, fir and spruce to add variety and texture. Magnolia and juniper sprigs add interest also. Red berries are always an eye catcher too. If you don’t want to make your own evergreen container, we’ve got already made containers in a number of styles and looks.

 Here’s an easy idea for a centerpiece. Set a single poinsettia or three small ones into a large low bowl. Coil pine roping around the plants to cover the pots. Tuck in some small pinecones or ball ornaments to fill in the gaps. Be creative and have fun with what you mix in with the pine roping.

 Now is the time to start potting up amaryllis or paperwhite bulbs for indoor blooms. Buy extra and plant 2 or 3 weeks apart to have colorful blooms for months. They can be planted in small colorful rocks in shallow bowl or in pots with soil. Kids love to help plant up bulbs and watch as they grow. If you start early, you may have them blooming by turkey day! That would surprise your guests!

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