Wondering how to grow winter squash? You’ve come to the right place. Are you also wondering why it’s called “winter” squash when it grows throughout the summer? Winter squash, unlike summer squash, develops a thick rind that increases its storage life, with many types of winter squash storing well through the winter.

Another distinguishing characteristic of winter squash is it has a separate seed cavity (think of a pumpkin – one of the most famous winter squash), not like summer squash whose seeds are distributed throughout the fruit. 

An added difference is the flavor of winter squash improves as it grows and cures, while summer squash tastes best when harvested young.

On the whole, learning how to grow winter squash is pretty similar to growing summer squash, but whatever you do for summer squash you’ll need to do more of it for winter squash. Winter squash needs more room, more time, more water, and more food to grow well.