My new book is now on Amazon!

My new Florida Survival Gardening book is finally here, in both paperback and Kindle editions.

Florida Survival Gardening builds on the crops and methods of Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening, but focuses on how to turn a lawn into a productive garden in stressful times.

The publisher's description states:

Can your Florida garden feed you in difficult times? The answer is "yes" and is easier than you think.

Learn more in this important new book by Florida garden expert David the Good how to grow staple foods and provide your family with enough calories and food to survive a crisis. Learn to control weeds and pests, turn Florida sand into soil, garden with very few resources, and provide your family with survival food without breaking the bank.

Florida Survival Gardening is the culmination of decades of research into food growing in the Sunshine State. Discover the staple foods that keep you full and the nutrient-rich plants that keep you healthy.

Stop worrying about unsafe supply lines and difficult times, and plant a survival garden that will last all year round in Florida's unique climate.

In this illustrated guide, which contains plans and suggestions for survival cultures for gardens in the north and south, you will learn exactly how to grow a garden in Florida that is climate-friendly and only requires hand tools to start and maintain half of the state.

No panic. You can. It's time to reap the bounty that Florida can offer.

The book is illustrated with 39 hand-drawn illustrations and gives you my normal, simple, and simple approach to gardening, removing garbage, and focusing on what works well on a budget. In addition to annual and multi-year staple foods, the book also provides information on Florida foraging, fruit and nut trees that can be added to almost any garden for long-term food security.

Together with the harvest lists, inspiration, simple bed layout ideas and pen drawings, we also worked with a good landscape architect to create two highly productive urban and suburban yard layouts for maximum calorie production and nutrition (see above).

Thank you for your patience as I have been working on this book for many months. May it serve you well.


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