It’s that time of year when gardeners start feeling as if winter will never end. What’s a gardener to do? Why not start a few seeds indoors and watch them grow! There are many household items that make great containers for young seedlings and are biodegradable. Toilet paper rolls can be cut in half, eggshells or egg cartons can be filled with planting soil and seeded. Just line them up on cookie sheet, plant your seeds, water slightly, cover with a plastic bag and place near a sunny window. Remove the bag every few days to check for germination and if they need water. It really makes the last of these winter days go fast and puts a smile on your face when they start growing. It will also give you a head start on your garden! You can shop our selection of seeds to get inspired. Each seed packet tells you if and when you can start indoors.

Another favorite winter activity is to plant the sliced off top of a fresh pineapple in a pot of soil on your window sill. Cut the top off about one inch below the greens. Place on your kitchen counter for a few days or up to a week which will allow the cut side to dry a bit to prevent rotting. Then place in potting soil near a bright window. This is a fun project with your kids, they will be amazed when it starts growing.