New and exciting for 2020 at Wagners – SelfEco Pots!

In the SelfEco pot you will find all herbs, tomatoes, peppers and 4-inch annuals grown by Wagner. This may look like an ordinary plastic pot, but they are anything but ordinary. These pots are 100% compostable.

MN SelfEco pots are made locally in Stillwater and made from the renewable raw materials found in the starches of annual plants such as corn, sugar beet and soft grass. Research shows that plants started in SelfEco pots grow faster and produce more in vegetables. When these pots crumble, they add nutrients to the soil.

In contrast to plastic pots that end up in the landfill or in the trash, these pots go directly into the ground with the plant. Yes that's right! No matter where you plant it, whether it's a vegetable garden, containers, window boxes or hanging baskets, the plant and the pot go into the ground. When you are ready to plant, remove the plant label. We recommend that you put these tags in an envelope and keep them for reference until next year. Remove the four tabs on the bottom of the container. This allows the roots of the plant to grow out after planting. Dig a hole and place everything in the hole and cover it with earth and water as you normally do. As the pots gradually disintegrate, they continue to add nutrients to the soil.

At the end of the growing season, the pots are not completely broken down. They can be left in the garden or in container gardens, placed in your compost bin or placed in your bio waste bin.


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