Spring! It is here! It’s a wonderful time to enjoy the warm days and cool mornings and evenings. You may have to do some clean-up in the yard and garden, but think of all the exercise and fresh air you will be getting. Working outdoors gives your brain a boost too. Gardening is a positive, natural therapy that reduces stress and anxiety. Besides all the physical benefits of being outside and active in nature, it’s satisfying to eat what you grow. Clean up the vegetable garden now and prepare the soil for planting by mixing compost into the beds. This will help ensure that you will grow all those delicious tomatoes and peppers. Peppers come in all colors and every level of heat with new varieties arriving every season. Be sure to check them out this spring!

If your lawn is not looking good or maybe has a few bare spots now is a good time to get it reseeded. Lightly rake to remove dead grass and sow with grass seed mix for sun or shade. A pre-emergent herbicide like a crabgrass preventer should be put down in mid to late April (when forsythias are blooming). Remember you cannot overseed and apply pre-emergent at the same time. Choose one or the other depending on the condition of your lawn.

Pansies are lovers of cooler temps and there are plenty to choose from at Wagners. The bright colors look great in planter boxes or pots. They love our cool nights.

If you really want to celebrate spring, take a driving or walking tour of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. All of their beautiful spring bulbs will soon be in bloom. Speaking of the arboretum, did you see it was voted best in the nation and we can take advantage of it right here in Minnesota! How lucky we are!

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