Summer is the time of year to enjoy the fruits and beauty of your spring garden projects. The summer months go by so quickly. While it's time to take in the season's beauty, there is still plenty to do in the yard and garden. Here is my summer checklist of activities.

Vegetable garden
You can still sow seeds for autumn fruits such as peas, beans, and carrots. The youngsters like this duty – another reason for them to play in the dirt. Don't forget to pick herbs from your garden and dry them to use next winter!
Tomatoes are best picked when they are fully colored, and green peppers can be picked at any time, but they will turn red if left on the plant for several weeks. Choose your vegetables in the optimal size and color.
If you don't grow your own vegetables, be sure to visit a farmers market for fresh, locally grown produce. Untiedt & # 39; s Farm Market is now open in the parking lot of our Minneapolis location.

Flower beds
Keep dead faded flowers. Plants with large flowers such as geraniums, roses and dahlias benefit in particular from this.

Look for black spots on roses and remove affected leaves. Spray with fungicide early in the morning while it is cooler to avoid stress on the plants.

Do not be afraid to cut flowers for indoor bouquets. Cutting annual flowers will encourage more blooms.
Mulch helps fight weeds and increase moisture, which means you have to water less. If the mulch slowly breaks down, it will also improve the soil.

We have started receiving reports of Japanese beetles in the area. They mostly eat apple, linden and birch trees, roses and canna, but are found on a wide variety of plants. It is best to set traps some distance from your yard.

Planters and containers
Get more flowers on your container and hang basket annually by applying liquid fertilizer every 10-14 days. A little feed gives the plants and flowers that much-needed summer boost. Remember never to fertilize very dry plants.

Raise your lawnmower so that it is about 4 inches long after cutting the grass. Longer grass will shade the ground, which will keep it cooler and require less water to stay green.

Lawns and flower beds need at least 1 inch of water per week. Ideally, it will be delivered during one watering rather than several short waterings. Deep watering promotes root growth.

If you have visitors out of town or looking to do something this summer, check out the MN Arboretum in Chanhassen. It will inspire you with all the beautiful flowers and plants.

Just enjoy your garden!

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