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Fall is a great time to transition your plants and flowers for the new season. Add some of the plants from your garden into your fall decor inside and outside your home. Here are the 10 best fall garden plants to grow and use in your decor.

These autumn plants and flowers look beautiful in pots on porches and small backyards. You can also grow them to use for indoor bouquets to brighten up your home.

Plan ahead of time to grow a beautiful fall garden that you can also enjoy indoors!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love flowers! Most of these fall garden plants I mention are flowers, but I also included other plants too!


Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular fall flowers used in gardens during the autumn months. They look beautiful when several colors are mixed in one pot.

peach chrysanthemums

These inexpensive flowers will also rebloom for you year after year with the right care. I have a yellow one from last year that is reblooming right now.


Bright, orange marigolds are often used in vegetable gardens to attract bugs and pests away from vegetables and other plants. These flowers also make great flowers to use in a fall garden due to their color.

There are several varieties that come in orange, yellow, and a mix of both colors, making these the perfect plant to add to your fall bouquets.


Sunflowers are seen everywhere once September rolls around. These are fun flowers to grow and look great with other fall flowers to use as decor in pots and as homegrown bouquets.

autumn sunflowers

Besides the typical yellow sunflower, you can also grow varieties of orange, red, and black sunflowers. Mix and match with other fall colored flowers and plants for a beautiful decor piece!


Fall isn’t complete without some pumpkins. Display large pumpkins in between planters on your porch for a cute fall display. Add them to your garden as well. I have a bunch of mini pumpkins all over our apartment.

No matter how small or large a space you have, you can fit pumpkins in your fall decor! Make sure to plan way ahead of time if you plan on growing pumpkins in your fall garden too.


I know roses are not the typical fall plant everyone thinks of. If you live in an area with a mild climate, like Southern California, you can grow a beautiful autumn garden with roses in fall colors.

Roses come in a variety of sizes and types to fit in any garden. Grow some burgandy and orange climbing roses to create a beautiful fall arch on a trellis.

fall roses

Grow dark, red miniature roses in pots on your porch with pumpkins and other fall decor. If you plan out ahead with roses, you can grow a beautiful fall colored rose garden in your yard.


Zinnias make excellent cut flowers for bouquets and centerpieces. They come in all kinds of colors too! Grow a bunch of varieties in fall colors to add to your autumn decor.

I currently have several growing in my patio garden and love cutting them to display in small bouquets in our apartment.


Blooming hydrangeas and dried hydrangeas both are great to add to your garden and fall decor. Hydrangeas are also colorful and beautiful additions to a border around the home and pots in a patio garden.


These fall plant bloom huge flowers that grow in just about any color you can think of. There are plenty of varieties to choose from as well.

Choose red or orange dahlias to make fall bouquets with, or another color that is your favorite.


aster bouquet

Chinese asters bloom in an array of colors, including colors popular in fall. Add asters alone in a pot, or mix with other plants for a DIY fall planter display.

Asters love full sun, so make sure they get at least 6 hours of sun daily. They also make a great addition to a butterfly garden and keep deer away .


Herbs may not seem like typical fall garden plants, but there are many that grow well in the fall.

Lavender, sage, mint, and rosemary are just a few herbs that grow in the fall. Use them in recipes or mix them into one of your fall bouquets.

Fruit Trees

There is a reason apple cider is so popular in the fall. Grow some apple trees to enjoy this fruit in your fall garden. You can also display your apples with fall flowers for a unique centerpiece.

10 Best Fall Garden Plants

Have you added any of these 10 best garden plants to your garden yet? What do you have currently growing in your fall garden? Let me know in the comments section below!