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Deciding to start a blog is just one of many choices when you embark on this adventure. One of the many choices you need to make early on is what type of blog theme to use. Today I want to help you decide on how to find the best blog theme.

If you haven’t found out already, blogging can be overwhelming. Finding a theme can be overwhelming too, since there are so many to choose from! Where do you even start?

If you are using WordPress, there will be a theme that comes with your package when you purchase through wordpress.org. As a beginner, there is nothing wrong with starting with this free theme that comes with your blog.

If you are planning on making money with your blog, you want to seriously consider purchasing a quality theme. Again, the question I’m sure you have is, where to start?

WordPress Blog Themes

When I began my blog back in the spring of 2017, I used the theme that came with my blog package when I moved from wordpress.com to wordpress.org.

If you have not started a blog but want to, read this guide to help you get started, then come back here.

I had heard that it was a good idea to invest in a quality blog theme to help me make money with my blog, but I hesitated for quite awhile. About a year in I switched to a paid theme that I got at a bargain price.

When I started making changes to my blog a few months ago to speed it up, I ran into some walls. One of these was that the theme I was using could not handle the changes.

I quickly did some research and ended up with this beautiful feminine theme from Restored 316. I am very happy with my choice and want to discuss with you why I chose this theme over others.

Best WordPress Blog Themes

There are many quality WordPress blog themes to choose from. If you are serious about making money with your blog, you want to carefully choose and invest in quality made blog theme.

I was looking for a theme that could provide speed, was user-friendly, feminine, and easy to use. I feel like I found that with this theme from Restored 316!

Blog Speed

I recently took a class on SEO and something that was emphasized in the class was to improve blog speed load time. One way to do this is to use a theme that loads quickly.

I did more research and discovered that themes that used the Genesis framework had a fast load speed time.

Genesis Framework

There are so many great things you can do with Genesis Framework! You can build a completely SEO friendly site from scratch if you want, for starters.

This can be overwhelming, since there are so many things to do when you run a blog! I would love to learn how to build a blog from scratch someday, but for now, I’ll use premade themes.

There are plenty of themes that work well with Genesis framework. There are themes designed for various businesses and bloggers to choose from.

When I narrowed down my choices to Restored 316 themes, one requirement was that the theme had to be used with the Genesis framework. I had heard about the framework before and knew I wanted to see how great it was for myself, so I purchased the framework and then the theme.

You can also buy both the Genesis framework with a theme too! Restored 316 did not have this option, but buying both separately was easy to do.

I ended up purchasing Genesis Framework through Studio Press. After purchasing the framework, I downloaded it, then uploaded it on my blog.

User Friendly Theme

Another part of SEO is providing my visitors a user friendly experience so that they can easily navigate on my site. Having a theme that is user friendly guarantees that my visitors will stay on my site longer and come back if they enjoyed the experience.

My theme from Restored 316, along with the Genesis framework, makes this possible. Feel free to explore my blog just to find out how easy it is to navigate for yourself!

Feminine Theme

I love girly, feminine themes, and follow many bloggers with beautiful themes. When I stumbled upon the themes at Restored 316, I knew I could find the best blog theme for Blooming Anomaly here!

I love colors, so the Delightful Pro Theme jumped right out at me. One of the many great things about this blog theme for WordPress is that it comes with 20 colors to choose from! I really like the look of the demo, so I’ve kept my blog looking about the same.

If I change my mind about the colors or other parts of the theme, I can always change them later.

Easy to Use

I talked about how finding a user-friendly theme is important. You also want to make sure that whatever theme you choose is also easy for you to use! Blogging requires so much work, so make sure your WordPress blog theme is easy for you to change when you want to add, take away, or change something else on your blog

Restored 316

Restored 316 not only provides beautiful blog themes to use on your WordPress site. They also have a shop filled with blogging resources, templates, stock photos, services, and even a blog!

When you purchase your theme, you will get a link that will take to a place where you can watch videos and read about how to set up your new theme on your blog. If you still have questions after reading the guide and watching the video, the customer service at Restored 316 are there to quickly answer any questions you may have.

How to Find the Best Blog Theme

I hope you were able to get a better idea of what to look for in the best blog theme for your blog. I’ve had my beautiful blog theme from Restored 316 for a few months and love it! Let me know your thoughts on picking a blog theme in the comments below!


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