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Iceberg roses are some of the most popular roses in the entire world. They are hardy and can be enjoyed for months at a time. Here are some of the best iceberg rose care tips.

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed more and more iceberg rose bushes throughout Orange County. They are grown everywhere! Even today I see plenty of these rose bushes in countless yards and business outdoor areas.

My favorite color is pink, and when I stumbled upon some pink and white iceberg roses in the clearance section at Home Depot, I knew I had to rescue them! These rose bushes weren’t looking too good, but with some pruning and care, they are now thriving on my front and back porch.

A few weeks later I found some white iceberg roses in the clearance section for even less, and now I have one white bush in the front and one in the back. I am in love with these roses!

History of the Iceberg Rose

Feel free to scroll down to read about how to care for iceberg roses. Here is some history about these well known rose shrubs.

These popular roses were first bred by Reimer Kordes, who is from Kordes Roses in Germany. These roses were first made available to the public in 1958.

This floribunda rose bush bloomed beautiful white flowers that smelled very strongly and were disease resistant.

Kordes Roses came out with an updated version of the rose in 2002. This version was bred by Tim Hermann Kordes. This one was a hybrid tea rose, also in white.

As mentioned above, these roses are very popular in Southern California, as well as all over the world.

pink iceberg rose

Types of Iceberg Roses

Even though the most popular color and type of iceberg roses is a white floribunda rose, it also comes in several other colors and types.

  • Floribunda Iceberg Rose-This is also considered the “original” iceberg rose that originated from Kordes in Germany.
  • Climbing Iceberg Rose-These climbing roses were bred in the United Kingdom in the 1960s and are similar to the above version.
  • New Iceberg Rose-This hybrid tea rose also came from Kordes and began being available in the early 2000’s.
  • Burgundy Iceberg Rose-The blooms on these icebergs range from dark reds to dark purple.
  • Brilliant Pink Iceberg-These icebergs bloom pretty pink roses.
  • Blushing Pink Iceberg-Also called “pink and white” icebergs, these floribunda roses bloom beautiful light pink and white roses.
  • Golden Iceberg-This floribunda rose was made available in the late 2000’s and bloom pretty yellow roses.

How to Care for Iceberg Roses

Based on what type of iceberg rose you purchase, you can grow yours in a garden bed, along the border of your house or yard, on a trellis, or in pots.

Do some research on the type of rose you want to purchase and where to plant it. Or, buy on a whim like me and then figure out where you want your roses to grow!

I live in an apartment with a front and back patio, so I only have room to grow my roses in containers. I love growing plants in containers since they fit well in my space and I can also move pots around when I want.

Make sure you have space for your roses before you purchase them. Get the right soil and fertilizer to enjoy blooms for several months throughout the year, based on where you live.

Potting Your Roses

original iceberg roses

Since I grow most of my plants in containers, I have a bag of organic potting mix that I use. Before potting my roses, I make sure I have a container that is larger than the plant so it has enough room to grow in it.

Make sure your container has holes so that water can drain out! If your container has no holes, the water will sit at the bottom, and rot out the roots. This can kill your beautiful roses!

Most of my containers are plastic, and the ones with no holes would have indentations at the bottom where I could drill holes in them. Once the holes are drilled through, flip the pot over and make sure there is enough potting soil so that the roses will be almost level with the top of the container.

Fill up the sides with potting soil evenly, then give your new roses a good soak. I soaked my roses daily until they are well established in their new home.

I also recently started using organic fertilizer. Before filling up the rest of the pot with soil, I water then mix some fertilizer with the soil, fill up the pot with soil, then water my roses.

Don’t fertilize a dry plant! This can burn your plant. I’ve done this several times.

I only use a few small scoops of fertilizer per plant. Follow the instructions on the bag, since the amount is based on how large the plant is.

Diseases and Pests

white iceberg rosebud

Icebergs thankfully do not have many pests and diseases. They can get black spot and aphids.

I use neem oil to get rid of the aphids. Soap and water can also work. You can also ask an expert at your local nursery how to best get rid of these pests and diseases.

Pruning Iceberg Roses

Pruning can help your roses grow more flowers. Since my icebergs are bushes, they need to be pruned to keep their round shape.

Pruning can be done during the spring, summer, and fall, based on the climate where you live. Cut back dead blooms to encourage more growth during growing seasons.

You’ll want to cut back more of your roses before the winter so that you have a fresh bush with plenty of flowers to enjoy once spring comes around.

Where to Buy Iceberg Roses

Since these roses are so popular, you should be able to find them at your local nursery and at online stores. Keep a lookout at your local nursery for these roses if you want to purchase them locally.

You can also do research on your favorite online rose retailers to see when their icebergs are in stock and ready to ship.

Ask your garden friends where they buy theirs and get feedback on the brand they have.

Always do research so that you are completely happy with your roses. I see icebergs everywhere here in Southern California, so I knew that my pink and white roses would grow well here and they are!

The Best Iceberg Rose Care Tips

If you don’t have icebergs yet, I hope this post got you interested in them. They are great roses for beginner and veteran gardeners who enjoy roses. Let me know your experiences with iceberg roses in the comments section below!


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