How Often Should You Apply Weed and Feed?

Typically, it will all depend on the type of weed and feed that you have. The reason behind this is because each manufacturer have different labels and they have different suggestions for lawn owners today.

There are manufacturers who are recommending a treatment of the lawn once every year. But if you are planning to use the weed and feeder to treat your entire lawn, then it would be best to use it twice, and you need to explicitly clarify it on the label of the weed and feed that you have purchased.

Once you are done treating your lawn, the next years will be easier since you will only have to treat your lawn once every year. Typically the best time that you can do this is during the month of September since this will surely help control the weed from sprouting during the summer and spring seasons.

These are the tips on when to apply weed and feed to ensure that you will effectively eliminate the weeds on your lawn.

Do not over apply to avoid problems as well, since overly using it can cause the grass to be affected as well and not just the weeds.