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The Horizon Will Come Up with A Super Moon Tonight

The year 2019 start with a marvelous astronomical happening which will include the super blood moon over the horizons. Stargazers in North and South America and enormous swaths of Western Europe and Africa will wish to save the date because the celestial occasion will deliver the solar, earth and moon into proper alignment for a complete lunar eclipse.

This year, the full moon can even be at its closest level to the earth in its orbit, making the moon seem larger and brighter from earth — a phenomenon often called the supermoon would be casting a reddish-orange hue on the orb. NASA predicts that totality will happen at 9:12 p.m. PST January 20 (12:12 a.m.+1 EST) and final about one hour.

The complete experience, from the beginning of the eclipse to the end, will last three hours and 17 minutes. has a useful primer on when the eclipse will attain totality throughout entirely different viewing areas.

For instance, stargazers in LA will wish to pull out their telescopes and switch skyward around 8:40 pm PST, whereas totality, will strike Reykjavik, Iceland around 4:41 a.m.  The following complete lunar eclipse is ready to happen May 26, 2021, and might be seen from North and South America and also some parts of  East Asia.

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