Don’t forget the celebration of love on February 14. Of course a night out is wonderful for Valentine’s Day but a bouquet of roses (from Wagners) is appreciated and lasts longer. The day of love originated many centuries ago during the middle ages and many saints are honored on February 14. Even today, there are many mortals who are struck by cupid’s arrow. There is a rose color for all your loved ones. Take a look at the meaning of each rose color.


RED- Passion, True Love

WHITE- Purity, Innocence

YELLOW- Friendship

PINK- Happiness

DARK PINK- Appreciation

ORANGE- Desire, Loyalty

PURPLE- Enchantment

LAVENDER- Love at First Sight


Red and White……Unity

Red and Yellow…Joy and Happiness

Yes, we may have another snow fall or two but it’s time to “THINK SPRING”. If you listen, you can hear the songs of the chickadees. Have you stopped by to see all the garden seed packets we now have in stock? The beautiful colors of the flowers and delicious looking vegetables will surely make you think spring. Thinking about such projects and plans makes the winter fly by faster. If you want to get “into the dirt” register for one of our planting workshops in February and March.

 Again, don’t forget to feed the birds and keep their station clean and neat! No matter the weather, they are always hungry.

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