If you go to a modern hospital, you will notice a lot of plants. Hospitals have therapeutic gardens, potted plants, and often at least one plant in most patient rooms. This is due to the fact that plants have been shown to improve human health and well-being. Houseplants bring a relaxing element to an often stressful ordeal for the patient and his family. Indoor plants release tension for the sick, their relatives, nurses and doctors who treat them.

Proven benefits of indoor plants and therapeutic gardens
Countless studies have shown that indoor plantings bring about positive changes in people.
Here are some examples:

  • Plants promote a positive mood.
  • Just being near plants reduces stress in humans.
  • Lowered blood pressure is a proven effect in people around plants.
  • A system with a view of your workplaces increases productivity.
  • Houseplants regulate temperature and humidity.

Image of plants in a waiting area

Therapeutic gardens come in different sizes. They can be installed on a wall or occupy most of your lobby. If you are in the design phase of a new building, add an area for an indoor garden. Landscape pots and garden boxes can almost be retrofitted if you are interested in a therapeutic garden but do not have a designated place. Therapeutic gardens offer both health benefits and aesthetic beauty at affordable costs for landscaping care.

Image of the table with couch that has houseplants and lighting behind it We often forget about plants when designing our buildings. We know that plants are useful and should have a place in our daily lives. Feel free contact us If you are thinking about setting up a therapeutic garden or using houseplants.