Today's landscape, lawn care, and design arts include keywords such as smart technology, simplicity, style, and sustainability. Homeowners are looking for intelligent landscape solutions and new ways to adapt environmental elements. As a result, they are looking for transformations by taking outdoor life to the next level. As summer approaches and people are very inspired to think about new landscaping. According to Surrey lawn care experts, it's worth knowing which trends to jump to in 2017 to maximize property value. That's why the Surrey lawn care specialists have built on some proven practices and ideas. Here we have shared their three major landscaping trends for 2017!

Outdoor entertainment with extreme naturalism.

Effective use of outdoor areas for healthier and more practical purposes will be the latest trend of 2017. Not to mention that your driveway should also be in good condition. Let yourself be redirected here to find out how you can do this. The inclusion of natural elements, the creation of retro hardships and natural looking garden trends are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. Garden designers and architects use less modern designs. You also avoid wasteful landscapes that require a lot of maintenance and a lot of water irrigation. The creek beds and succulents are perfect for hot and sunny areas. This is because they can be arranged in different zones when designing gardens.

Homeowners are advised to use garden furniture that is more portable, lighter and more modular than that available on this Melbourne garden furniture website. You are looking for convenient outdoor kitchen services such as brick ovens and grills. The multifunctional and decorative objects combine comfort and beauty with space-saving ideas. Homeowners prefer physical activity when they are thinking of reshaping their landscapes. They add outdoor gyms, yoga gardens, and cricket grounds using stones, wood, or sun-dried styles.

Environmentally friendly gardens with perennial native plants.

The top method, which will continue in 2017, is a combination of water with native plants to develop environmentally conscious landscapes. Busy homeowners are looking for a "naturalization" or "supercritical" approach. This means choosing native plants and replacing traditional lawns with locally grown grasses. Energy-efficient LED lights and solar powered lighting are the method that landscape architects and lawn care professionals from Surrey recommend.

Growing endemic vegetation means turning green in your room. And that too is easy to maintain. Edible cuisine is fantastic natural scaling. This enables local ecosystems to thrive and addresses the problems of fertilizers and water scarcity. The use of easy-care, perennial native plants attracts birds, insects and butterflies, which make our outdoor life beautiful and healthy. Lawn care experts suggest that we need to plant what we eat, not just herbs. The mixed planting and experimenting with pot fruits is ideal so that a garden looks and tastes good.

Innovations in irrigation, landscaping

Tech-eccentric irrigation helps landscapers and owners manage irrigation effectively. The wireless controllers that operate via smartphones and rain sensors and track weather conditions in advance. Technological advances help determine soil moisture to determine how much water needs to be distributed.

If you hire our lawn care specialists, you can find out what other trends are coming up this year. They will guide you through this and you can implement to improve your property value.