Durban grass

Durban grass, also known as "sweet smother" grass, is also best suited when its height is limited. It must not be less than 5 cm when mowing. This type of grass requires less frequent mowing.

Bahia grass (Paspalum)

This easy-care grass is ideal for pastures. Although the growth takes some time, it is practically drought-resistant and disease-free. Five to seven cm are best for the height of the grass. If you use it where you keep cattle, it's best to keep it a little longer because the animals graze on it.

Couches grass

Together with buffalo grass, the best height for the grass is 2 to 4 cm. It is best not to cut the grass in winter. Couches grass may have removed acidic sobs and winter herb growth. However, you shouldn't mow it.

Queensland Bluecouch Grass

The teal grass, native to Australia, feels good for bare feet. However, you should keep it short. Two to four inches are ideal for most varieties of warm climate grass. It takes a lot of sunlight to grow optimally.